Tile is Back and Better Than Ever

There is nothing like the feel and look of smooth ceramic or other tile on walls, floors, and as decorative moulding around fireplaces and doors. Associated with quality homes and dedicated craftsmanship, the thought of a ceramic tile project can scare the average homeowner into thinking it is too expensive and hard to maintain. Today’s ceramic tile products will show us how easy and inexpensive tile home products can be for anyone’s house.

Clean Looking Bath

One of the great things about a tile bathroom is how clean it looks. From the back of the tub to the shine of the floor, having ceramic tile makes decorating the rest of the room extremely easy. With modern tile grouting materials, clean-up is much easier and healthier. Another advantage with this material is the visual effects that extend a small space by using the tile to bounce existing light sources. Mixing and matching tile and drywall will also make the space seem bigger while saving money on the remodel. Using various textures of tile can also break up the spaces in a bathroom making zones for the bath, vanity, and commode.

Natural Floor without the Splinters

Ceramic floor tile is another quality addition to any home. Usually, the venue for this is the bathroom but in many Southern style homes, the ceramic tile can extend all the way into the living area. In colder climates, ceramic tile floor has been discouraged because of cold tiles chilling people’s feet; however, modern radiant heat elements can keep ceramic tiles toasty warm for bare feet in bathrooms or other living areas. The upside to having ceramic floor tiles are very clean design, extremely easy to clean, and no splinters to worry about with real wood flooring. To be extremely creative, why not have custom printed floor tile with a favorite logo or pattern that is digitally printed on a 3D printer? All these options are available for today’s tile floors.

Spice Up the Kitchen

Kitchen walls and back splashes are traditional areas where ceramic tile is used to keep moisture and grease from staining the area around the range and the sink. Ceramic tile countertops have evolved into very smooth and stable flat surfaces for food preparation and dish storage. Single piece porcelain counter tops are inexpensive yet look like much more expensive stone. All of these tile options make for a much easier and inexpensive kitchen remodel. Depending on the skill level of a homeowner, some tile installations can be DIY projects, which can also help the remodeling budget in a kitchen. Remodeling the kitchen with tile can be a rewarding experience for everyone.

Make the Fireplace Sizzle

Fireplace surrounds are another area where tile has been traditionally used as a fire break and as a decorative piece of moulding that calls attention to that family gathering place. Using the correct tile is a must, particularly because of the flammable nature of the area. But modern heat resistant tile has blossomed into a very important part of any room’s décor. Making a fireplace stand out or become a part of lines of the room is tile’s job, whether it be porcelain or ceramic. Installing tile directly on the hearth that matches surrounding trim can give the impression of depth, or the lack of it, around the fireplace.

Classic and Modern Looking Tile Is Still in Demand

The smooth lines of this very ancient floor and wall covering are timeless. Modern tile production techniques have made this classic look available in a clean and environmentally friendly version for today’s world. With durable and affordable tile floors, walls, and designer fireplace hearths, your home can look like a well-crafted work of architecture. It pays to take a look at this versatile material for your next remodeling project.